Alo Food Group, Toronto Ontario

Since Alo’s opening, we have been fortunate to secure some notable accolades and encouraging words from the press. Below are some highlights. Please reach out to for any press inquiries.

Alobar Yorkville & Alobar Downtown – Meet the General Managers

General Managers play a key role in the daily operations of a restaurant..

Chef Patrick Kriss gives his tips for easy holiday entertaining.

The holidays should be about spending time with loved ones; not spending excess time in the kitchen.

How the Michelin-Guide-recommended Aloette achieved cult-like success

With moxy, artistry and determination, Alo’s sister restaurant Aloette is able to keep offering beloved items to diners — along with fresh, experimental creations.

Alo – a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant

Showcasing flexibility and talent, Alo is the rare high achiever that never takes itself too seriously.

It takes hard work and dedication to reach the top of the pyramid.

Quality chefs don't just appear overnight. — something Patrick Kriss, chef and co-owner at Alo, Aloette and Alobar, and the founder of Alo Group, knows only too well.

Alobar Yorkville – a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant

This effortlessly cool destination could easily be mistaken for a cocktail bar. It is certainly as lively as one, but it is also so much more.