Alo Food Group, Toronto Ontario

Since Alo’s opening, we have been fortunate to secure some notable accolades and encouraging words from the press. Below are some highlights.

The Dinner Party; Gift Boxes x Alo

The holiday season is a time we look forward to in our restaurants.

Alo Midsummer Ends; New Dinners To Go

At the beginning of July, with patios reopening in Toronto and Alo's five-year anniversary days away, we knew we had a unique chance to offer our dining experience in a revamped way ... if we could find some place to do it.

Alo is Canada’s number one restaurant for a third consecutive year

Now coming up on its fourth year, Alo is more ambitious and more polished than ever.

Christopher Sealy is named Canada’s Best Sommelier 2019

Christopher Sealy has been influencing the way Torontonians drink wine—not by sharing his antics on social media with clever feats of hashtagging, but by doing the hard work on the floor and in the cellar.

Toronto Life’s review of Alobar Yorkville

Alobar Yorkville is midtown’s more approachable answer to Patrick Kriss’s high-stakes original.

Aloette among Canada’s Best New Restaurants, says En Route

Every great city needs a place where a star chef takes a working holiday and cooks the food he or she really wants to eat. For Toronto, Aloette is it.